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y year. €It is known that each Dalai Lama had two money-lending agencies. Some money from "tribute" to the Dalai

Lama was lent at an exorbitant rate of interest.▓ €According to incomplete records in the account books of the two agencies, they lent 3,038,581 liang of silv

  • ,000 serfs. About 33,000
  • ke (one ke equals 14 kilogr
  • ams) of qingke (highland barley)
  • , 2,500 ke of butter, two mi
  • llion liang of Tibetan silve
  • r, 300 head of cattle, a
  • nd 175 rolls of pulu (wool
  • en fabric made in Tibet) were

squeezed out

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er as principal in 1950, and collected 303,858 lia▓ng in interest the same year. Governme

nts of various levels in the old Tibet also had many such a▓gencies, and lending money and interest collection became a duty of local officials. €A survey made in 1959 showed that the three major monasteries, namely Drepung, Sera and Ganden, in Lhasa, lent a total of 22,725,822 kilograms of grain and collected 399,364 kilograms in interest. €Also, a total of 57,105,895 liang of silver

was lent for 1,402,380-liang interest. €Relevant statistics show revenue gained from usurious loans made up 25 to 30 percent of the total incomes of th▓e three monasteries. €Ar

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